Restoration Project – Anglia Van

1. This is a 1961 Thames Anglia Van which had only covered 72,000 miles when we purchased the vehicle in 2011.

2. This is the vehicle completed striped before being sent away for sand blasting.

3. These are the new front wings being welded to the vehicle.

4. This is the new door sill section being fitted.

5. This is the vehicle on a rotating jig, having work on the underside carried out.

6. Body shell being prepared for high-build primer.

7. Vehicle in high-build primer.

8. Vehicle body shell after being sprayed in top coat of original ‘Ford Cargo Grey’ colour.

9. Dashboard and interior being reassembled after all parts were reconditioned as required.

10. All mechanical components re-built, restored and fitted.

11. Vehicle with original style hand painted sign-writing.

12. The completed and fully restored Thames Anglia Van.